From Finance to Fitness - A Fresh Approach to Nutrition

United by a corporate job on Wall Street, we spent many nights hunched over our computers, crunching numbers. In those evenings, we were always exhausted and in search of a late night snack.

Our peers would turn to the so-called “healthy protein bars” - the ones filled with highly processed additives, artificial substances, sweeteners, and other junk that shouldn't be consumed by humans. As two guys with a lifelong passion for health and wellness, this was not a viable option for us.

It became clear that the food industry has its priorities backwards as manufacturers frequently take shortcuts in order to make their products cheaper, faster or extend the shelf life, while sacrificing the quality of ingredients.

For us, there were no shortcuts – ingredients matter. With no other options, we decided to go from banking to baking in order to bring you the perfect protein bar.

Simple ingredients. No compromises.